Writing Tips

There is a staggering amount of advice about how to improve your writing. This might be a useful and, for some, a productive place to start. The post draws on a book about writing1. Quoting from the post, quoting from the introduction of the book:

Like most received wisdom, what people think they know about writing works in subtle, subterranean ways. for some reason, we seem to believe most strongly in the stuff that gets into our heads without our knowing or remembering how it got there. What we think we know bout writing sounds plausible. It confirms our generally false ideas about creativity and genius. But none of this means it’s true.
Unlearning what I learned in college — teaching myself to write well — is the basis of what I know. So is a lifetime of reading and a love of language.
This is a book full of starting points. Perhaps they’ll help you find enough clarity in your own mind and your own writing to disvoer what it means to write. I don’t mean ‘write the way I do’ or ‘write the way they do.’ I mean ‘write the way you do.’

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