Writing your systematic review paper

There is a great deal of advice online about writing academic papers. Hadis came across this useful guide from the University of Southern California.

There is also some general advice for writing in this Wiki.

Most of you will not be fluent writers in an academic style. The best thing to do is to map out an outline of your paper in as much detail as you can, e.g.


  • 1st point I want to make
  • 2nd point I will make
  • 3rd point…
  • 4th point …
  • lead into the methods/search section

Each of those points will likely have sub-points, e.g.

1st point I will make

  • Opening point that sets up this sub part
  • next point
  • next point
  • next point ….

So the whole paper needs to be outlined in as much detail as possible. Annotate your outline with comments, i.e. I want to make it clear that ….. this is the case…

Then as you are writing you have to be policed by your outline, i.e. just make your writing fit your outline. Pay attention on how to link the points in each part of the paper and work on linking the parts.

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