Working digitally

It is tricky to label this idea. It is not so much that you work digitally but that the various digital resources that are available allow you to follow leads, mesh ideas and work differently than otherwise would be the case. There are not many folk who share their digital habits in public but when they do it can be instructive. Steven Johnson has been exemplary in sharing the way he works. It is not that you need to work like him but that you can get a sense of working differently by exploiting the various digital resources you have to hand. Here is an account of his current research style. He makes the important point that these practices, what we have termed habits are continually being revised as new ways of working and opportunities appear. This is a piece anyone thinking about research should read. Yes. there are parts of research work that do follow that linear path but a lot of it is happenstance, who you know or bump into and luck.

A book that opens up these emerging patterns of ways of working is Cathy Davidson's, Now You See It.

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