Adding and Editing in this Wiki

Before you can add a page or edit a page you need to be a member of the Wiki. So, assuming you have joined the Wiki we can proceed.

At the bottom of every page in the Wiki is a set of links: Edit Tags History Files Print Site tools + Options

If you select the Edit link you will be put into edit mode for the page. There will three rows of buttons above the text in the page that help with formatting and inserting things like images etc.

When you are finished editing you simply save the page. And the nice thing about a Wiki is that it is pretty simple to revert to an earlier version of a page.

To create a new page you format a link to it like this: [[[my-new-page | My New Page]]]

The name of the Wiki page is to the left of the | separator, the name of the page is on the right hand side (it is easily edited).

When you save the page you will have a link associated with the text 'My New Page'

If you click on that link the Wiki will advise you that the page does not exist and give you the option of creating it. If you opt to do that you will be placed in the editor where you can edit the new page.

This is enough to get you going. There is lots more to learn if you are interested. There is a brief account of more syntax to be found via the Wiki Syntax link in the side menu.

If you want to make a link to an external web page then this is the syntax you use:

[*the-url-of-the-external-page the text associated with the link]. The * at the front of the URL will mean that when it is selected, that the page will be opened in a new tab or window. The first space inside the brackets is interpreted as the beginning of the text you want associated with the link.

To get a sense of how any page is set up, simply click on the edit button and you will see the syntax used for that page.

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