Useful Software


There is a lot of software available to support the basic practices of conducting research in Education.

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Tablet/iPad software

This is a fast moving game but a good collection of useful apps for shuffling documents to and fro so you can work on them on your tablet/iPad is [*++++ Bibliographic software here].

Bibliographic software

Griffith has a site license for software called EndNote. If you are an enrolled student you can download the software from software services. Choose the download mirror link. You will need to login with your Griffith ID and password. Select the most recent version of EndNote which is X4 and download it.

There is good support documentation available from the library.

ZoTero is a competitor product.

Software to find, download and manage your pdf's

It probably sounds too good to be true but ReadCube is well worth a try. There is a lot of software "out there". We will add pointers to them as we come across them or as users point them out.


The use of video has grown considerably with the services of sites like YouTube. Viewing material in this form can be done by watching it online or by down loading the video and viewing it at a later date.

There are a number of options for downloading videos but one that works for many videos is Realplayer Downloader which is free software that detects when you have loaded a page with a video and gives you the option of downloading it. For Macs there is a free piece of software that works well for YouTube videos, called Enolsoft YouTube downloader.

Software for organising stuff and ideas, online software for meetings, brainstorming, sharing, mind maps and so on.

There is a growing number of services in this broad category1.

One of the curators of this site has been using Vue2 which is free software available from Tufts University in the US>. It is promoted as mind mapping software but it can be used to organise you collection of digital stuff and also use it for presentations.

There is a growing set of online software that can be used to organise information. There is a good annotated list at online universities3. We have a small but slowly growing list to complement the annotated list above.

Cloud software

Sharing of documents between you and colleagues can occur in a variety of ways. DropBox is a popular 'cloud' application that allows you to access your files on different computers and share files with groups or other individuals.

Here is a collection/review of useful apps for DropBox.

More recently, Google has moved to counter DropBox and has announced Google drive. You get 5 GB of storage for free.

Presentation software

Much to be said here. Some folk have a tendency to put notes to their talk or large chunks of text of their talk into slides/screens. Don't! :) There is a lot of useful advice about doing good presentations available online. Better yet check out some of the masters, like the late, great Steve Jobs.

Transcription services

For some research, you may want to have transcriptions of audio/video recordings you have made. The software to do this will get better but there are also online services for which you pay. Speechpad is one such service.

Textual analysis software

There is a good list here. More to add.

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