Things to do in week 8

Things to do
If you are not in the habit of revisiting your notebooks regularly, this is a gentle reminder that going back and reading your notes from earlier in the course will find most useful for a range of reasons. Apart from clearly showing you the progress you have made, you will also see how your thinking has shifted over time which will be handy in terms of the narrative you end up creating for your paper.

Keep an eye on the examples of systematic reviews. I add to them whenever I come across a new one that appears a useful model.

If you have missed contributing to a weekly discussion, you can still do so. Make sure you put them in the appropriate weekly discussion list on Slack.

Weekly discussion
Two things to do this week. Even though you may well change your mind by the time you submit your paper, write a title for you paper. Remember that you are trying to convey as much information about what the paper is about as well as make it interesting for the potential reader. Draw up a list of key words for your paper. Not all journals require key words but it will be a useful exercise in helping you think about the terms you hope will help others locate your work when it is published. Post both the title and the key words in the week 8 channel on Slack.

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