Things to do in week 7

Things to do
Upload the slide for your pitch to the Slack site into the Channel labelled: week_7 To upload a file all you do is hold down the shift key and drag the file onto the Slack window. Let me know if you need a hand doing it.

Have a look at one or two examples of a systematic review. There are some suggestions here. The important point is that there is a basic structure: an introduction which may include some definitional work; an account of how you located and then selected the material you worked with; your account of what you found and an analysis of those findings; a conclusion which may suggest further research. If you are in doubt about this basic structure than please ask about it. You should be filling in at least possible dot points for good sections of this by now.

Weekly discussion
For weeks six and seven the weekly discussion will be given to the preparation and delivery of your pitch. This will be a three minute presentation to your tutorial group with one slide (max) to use during that time. Basically this is your research project, what you are doing, why it matters and what your research question is. You may also have identified a journal or two that you think will be appropriate for your paper.

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