Things to do in week 6

Things to do
On the Slack site, click on the Channels header. It will display a list of channels that you are not signed on to. You need to sign onto them in order to access them. I have been placing odd bits of information that may be of interest to some in the tips_and_tricks channel. Further, if there is a number of replies in the weekly discussion in sequence, I will reply to each using a threaded reply. It will show up as an unread highlight under All Threads.

With the reading you have been doing around your topic you should have begun to identify some of the themes that are in the literature. Make some notes about them. Keep track of where you located them. In the final analysis you may not make use of all of them but beginning to work with them now will make the writing a lot easier.

Weekly discussion
For weeks six and seven the weekly discussion will be given to the preparation and delivery of your pitch. This will be a three minute presentation to your tutorial group with one slide (max) to use during that time. Basically this is your research project, what you are doing, why it matters and what your research question is. You may also have identified a journal or two that you think will be appropriate for your paper.

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