Things to do in week 5

Things to do
It's not too early to begin putting bits and pieces together for your paper. There is a page in the wiki that offers notes about each of the components of your paper. You'll need to download a copy of the model paper. The main thing is to not get too concerned with the specifics of the paper but pay attention to the structure of the paper.

The paper is: Kyndt, E., Gijbels, D., Grosemans, I., & Donche, V. (2016). Teachers’ everyday professional development: Mapping informal learning activities, antecedents, and learning outcomes. Review of Educational Research, 86(4), 1111-1150. doi:10.3102/0034654315627864

Weekly discussion
The section of your paper that will set up everything is the introduction. You will have noticed that in most reviews it takes up a large portion of the text. This is because it has to establish the nature of the problem that is being mapped, i.e. the research focus. It has to also make a case for the significance of the work, i.e. why it matters and is important. It also has to provide the reader with some sense of the background of the problem/research.

For your weekly discussion this week, can you provide some dot points that at this stage, you think will form part of your introduction. Just dot points. No need to do full text. This should give you a bit of a framework that you can adjust and tweak as your analyses proceeds.

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