Things to do in week 2

Things to do
Read appropriate sections of the Bohlin paper (see below), i.e. you don't need to read the detail about meta analyses.

Before you read the Bohlin paper, you might find it useful to review your approach to reading papers.

Can you draw a rough map of the terrain you are planning to research? Part of mapping that terrain will be asking questions about the origins of the intellectual terrain. Everything has a beginning and often, in education, there is a tendency to ignore that history which is an opportunity lost to think differently about your topic. Sometimes an educational practice grows out of a need or rationale at a particular time and place. The practice may continue on even though the need no longer exists. Knowing the history becomes an important part of you mapping your terrain. It will also help you work out what some of the key categories are for your research focus.

Weekly discussion
This week we will attend to two things: your early mapping of your research focus and systematic reviews. Specifically we will take a little time to trace the origins of systematic reviews. Having some sense of where particular research approaches come from is a significant part of making an argument for their use. There is an article that does a fine job in tracing the origins and the relationship between systematic reviews and meta analyses.

Bohlin, I. (2012). Formalizing syntheses of medical knowledge: The rise of meta-analysis and systematic reviews. Perspectives on Science, 20(3), 273-309. doi:10.1162/POSC_a_00075

So there are two things to contribute:

  • an update on your thinking about your research topic/question with perhaps some mapping
  • a question or comment about the Bohlin paper. If you do a systematic review, you'll find it's content useful when you come to write about it in your paper. And, of course, nag nag, your notes/queries from Bohlin go into your notebook!
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