Things to do in weeks 11 & 12

Things to do
As you all will be in the throes of writing, it is important to check your writing for any claims or statements that are unsupported, i.e. if you have any statement in your text that is not in the realm of common knowledge then it requires a supporting reference. I am happy to look at chunks of your text at any time or drafts.

Weekly discussion
This is the last of these. Can you post of the weeks 11-12 channel an update of where you are up to with your paper. You can delay doing this if you like till next week but it would be helpful for me to know where things stand for you. Here is an example of what would be useful:

Abstract and key words I have done a version will revisit when the paper is done.

Introduction: First draft completed. I'll rework it once I have settled on the conclusion.
Account of search and selection process: Draft of account almost complete. Just checking the numbers i reported for what I culled.
Synthesis/analysis: I have a good map of the key concepts/themes from the literature. I am still working on how best to connect the key ideas. A chat with you might be helpful :)
Conclusion: I have a useful case to make for further research and once the analysis is settled I should be able to tidy this. I need to have a look at some example papers to get an idea of how to finish off.

Journal to submit to: I have decided to opt for the Journal of Irreproducible Results. It has an upper word limit of 7,500 words which I will come in under. It is refereed and has a good reputation in the profession. I have noticed that it does publish systematic reviews.

The headings I used here are generic but roughly follow the structure you will be using for your paper.

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