Things to do in week one

Things to do
Read the Overview of 7021EDN Tri 2 2018 document available on L@G in week 1. Make note of any questions you have and be sure to post them on the Slack site.

Browse the top links from the Planning a research paper page on this site. They are designed to help you begin to think about the question you want to eventually opt for. At this stage, it's fine to have a lot of questions but you probably need to limit the broad areas of interest you may have (topics) to one.

When you have settled on your topic, you can then go about generating your question. It's useful to have a lot of questions to begin with. Pop them into your 1st notebook and annotate them. Why are you asking the question? What is puzzling you? Why are you curious?

Weekly discussion
This week we will map course structure and what it will mean in terms of your participation. We will also begin to think about getting to your research question.

By now you should have your notebooks to hand and have made some initial entries. If you only ever make entries in the notebooks they will have been a waste of time. Their value derives from you being able to go back and read over your ideas from previous weeks and use them to inform your current thinking. We can't hold everything in our memory. A notebook is an invaluable support for any research work.

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