Things to do at the beginning

There are three things you need to do: begin writing in your notebooks, join the Slack site for the course, and make yourself familiar with the L@G materials.

You need to begin writing in your notebooks, of which you will need three.

The first one is where you make notes about your thinking as you work towards developing your research paper. The second one is where you record the resources you have made use of and, most importantly, how you came across each resource, the paper trail1. The third notebook is where you record all those brilliant but distracting ideas you had while working on your research paper.2

You should be in the habit by now of making an entry for each new file, book, book chapter, journal article or any digital resource you come across in your preferred bibliographic app, which for most will be EndNote. If you are not using an app to manage your references and format citations in your writing you must like making work for yourself.

Slack site
We will be using Slack for messaging, sharing and group conversations. You should have received an invitation by now. Connect to the site and write a short introduction about yourself on the introductions channel. The weekly discussion focus will be located in each of the week channels.

You will have made use of the L@G site by now. Otherwise you will not have known about this Wiki.

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