Software options for storing bibliographic data

The software we describe here is purposed for the storage and subsequent use of bibliographic data. There is a useful set of resources ,information and comparisons from UC Berkeley that links to help for the major bibliographic software packages. Penn State also provide a useful comparison chart based upon how you prefer to work.

There is an excellent blog post and follow up discussion that maps the current state of thinking about the various options.


Griffith provides software called EndNote free to you under a license that allows you to use it while you remain a Griffith student. EndNote is specialised database software in which you store the bibliographic information and then EndNote can be used to insert references in texts and automatically build a reference list at the end of the document. On occasion, you may download the pdf of a paper after a library search. It is a relatively simple matter to collect the bibliographic data from your library search and import that information into EndNote. If you manage it carefully, you can use EndNote to record the physical location of the pdf you have collected on your computer1.

The library has handy support materials for the use of EndNote should you opt to use it. The key points about such software are that for any reference you use, you will only ever need to type it once and, if you use EndNote with your word processing software you are guaranteed that every reference will be there and properly formatted. It is also the case that it is easy for you to share EndNote libraries with colleagues.


A different option is to use an online bibliographic facility like Zotero. Zotero is a product of the Centre for History and New Media at George Mason University in the US. Zotero does most of the things EndNote does. It is an add on for your web browser and as you come across references/pages you simply tell it to add it to your collection. Zotero has very recently released a standalone piece of software. It is now in the beta (i.e. read less likely to fall over often) stage of development. We'd suggest you use the web plugin which works well. Zotero also supports sharing of data in groups.


Well worth a look as the game intensifies.


An important player in the field. Also well worth a look.

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