Professor Robyn Jorgensen

Robyn's work focuses on the practices of sites (schools, industry, workplaces, etc) that contribute to the structured failing or marginalisation of participants. In particular, she is interested in how the practices of school mathematics are marginalising for students from working-class, rural/remote areas, and Indigenous learners. The ways in which this research is undertaken has implications and applications to other contexts.

She is currently leading a number of large projects including reforming pedagogy in remote Indigenous communities for mathematics learning; early years swimming for under 5s; and is about to commence a new project working with Tom Lowrie from CSU about mathematics practices for low SES and rural schools/students/teachers. She recently completed a project across the Northern Territory that looked at best practice in literacy and numeracy, particularly for remote Indigenous learners.

Robyn draws on the work of Bourdieu to theorise the practices and how they contribute to structured failing but in that process draws critically on practice to propose ways forward for pedagogy and practice to be more enabling for learners.

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