Notes On Interviews

The Open University has some useful orienting illustrations and advice about interviewing as well as some useful tips about preparing for an interview. There is an example of a language survey interview and its transcription. There is also a discussion about the process.

This little collection of papers and notes may be generally useful.

Devorah Kalekin-Fishman has published a useful review essay in Forum: Qualitative Social Research called: Looking at Interviewing: From "Just Talk" to Meticulous Method. This journal is open source, i.e. you don't need to go via the library to get to it. It is also a good beginning point for mapping some of the debates and issues around theorising the interview.

Interviewing strategies with young people

Steinar Kvale writes about interviewing as craft rather than method1. Here is a useful outline of his book on interviewing.

A variation on the face-to-face interview is that of the e-interview2 where the questions and answers are carried by email. More recently, the use of Internet-based telephony (i.e. Skype) allows interviews to be conducted via this medium.

You can do a lot of good reading and reflecting on what it means to interview and the data one can obtain from it but there is little better, in term of learning about it, than actually doing it.

Once you have conducted the interview you will want to convert at least some of it to text, i.e. transcribe it.

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