The next steps

The first thing to do is to keep writing in your notebook as you work through the ideas in this Wiki.

Among many other things, this Wiki was influenced a long time ago by an excellent publication from the MIT AI Laboratory, How to do Research At the MIT AI Lab.

The broad logic that informs the wiki is best captured by a quote1 about the most respected folk at IDEO which is a design and innovation firm:

The most respected people at IDEO are part pack rat (because they have great private collections of stuff), part librarian (because they know who knows what), and part Good Samaritan (because they go out of their way to share what they know and to help others).

It may seem odd to think of yourself this way, particularly if you are just setting out but these are the core attributes of successful researchers. Good researchers also have a lot of other skills as well. This is the main focus of the Wiki, helping you decide what skills to develop and habituate.

Many of you bring to your work as an apprentice researcher a range of skills you have developed in other degrees. The intent of this site is to help you extend those skills and add to your repertoire.

In the spirit of part pack rat, part librarian, part good samaritan, you can contribute to this site in a number of ways. First, you can join the site and set up a page or two in which you can share with others some of the details of your research work. Even if you are just beginning, it is still a good thing to do. There is a model page to give you some idea of what you might write. Best thing though is to just be you, write whatever you think is helpful to others interested in your work.

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