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Despite this being a kitchen, there is no recipe for success in completing a research degree in Education at Griffith. These pages have a lot of bits of advice, rules-of-thumb advice and pointers to resources.

When you look at research from the outside it has that shiny polished look usually through a well written account in a paper, book chapter or book which may or may not be online. In a way the finished products of research1 is like tasting a prepared dish of food. You can make judgements about its flavours, texture, and perhaps make some assessment about what is actually in it but you can't tell from the finished product how it was prepared, what the ingredients were and what were some of the work arounds the chef used when things did not turn out quite right.

A lot of the nuts and bolts of doing research may well appear to be secret academics' business, e.g. it is not exactly clear or obvious how academics search for research resources, how they write, what they do when they read research papers or how they understand the networks in which they participate. Hopefully, this little wiki will help open up some of these practices for you and give you some sense of how you might draw on some of these ideas to add to your own repertoire of skills, tips and tricks.

This site has two components, information about people in Education who are doing research degrees and the academics who supervise their work2. The second component is a rough set of notes to support the development of skills that might be useful to support or extend your research work3.

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