Origins of this Wiki

Perhaps the oldest influence, as noted on the next steps page was the document prepared by research staff and students at the MIT AI Laboratory in 1988. More recently, a small resource was built for a Masters course that was designed to introduce students to some of the skills, tips and tricks for pursuing postgraduate studies in Education at Griffith. Students found it useful.

That prompted thinking by a few senior academics about expanding the notion to meet the needs of all research students in Education at Griffith. Whether this works or not will depend upon the research students in Education at Griffith and their supervisors. Sites like this are only useful if you have a broad range of folk willing to contribute to them.

Education, it should be noted, distinguishes itself for its lack of interest in what we might loosely call "the digital". All other fields of academic enquiry have been exploring possibilities of how to exploit "the digital" to do intellectual work. Much more to be said here.

As we have noted on the welcome page, the School of Education & Professional Studies opted to no longer support the further development of this site as of mid 2013. The curators are still curious about this experimental site and its usefulness to postgraduate students.

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