Google Blogs

You can find this under the More menu of Google.

A blog which is short for web blog is a place where people or groups choose to write on areas of interest. There are blogs for almost everything you could possible imagine and then some. The reason for pointing to blogs and being able to search only blogs is that if you can find one or two blogs that are close to your area(s) of interest then they can often work out to be your very own unpaid research assistants, that is they will find stuff, report on a book or a conference or other blogs they come across that is related to their interests which are close to yours. You can waste your life reading these things so again, you have to be pretty ruthless in what you choose to keep an eye on. Some blogs offer an RSS (really simple syndication) feed which means you can access the blog posts, often in an abbreviated form using RSS reader software or your email (if it has that facility).

I know many research students who maintain blogs. You may locate one or two who have similar interests to your own and may be able to establish a relationship with them to share ideas, articles, or information.

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