Google Alerts

Google alerts is a facility provided by Google1.

You will need to set up a Google account to use this facility.

To use it, you pick a search term, e.g. "classroom management" and put it in the search query box. Google will show you the new hits it has found, i.e. today. Then select the options for the other parameters: Result type; How often; and How many and supply an email address.

What happens is the Google will send you an email as frequently as you chose any time it find anything new on the web containing your search term. It can sometimes take a while to get the search term right. You can edit/change/delete your alerts at any time

Obviously you'll need to be very careful with deciding the search terms or you will fill your mailbox with junk! You can always try out an alert and if it generates too much stuff it can always be deleted. We find that a key author's name, if it is not too common a name, is not a bad way to keep an eye on some parts of a field.

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