First thing to do

We will use the metaphor of a journey to talk about your engagement with research in education.


No matter what you decide to do about your interest in doing research in education, the very first thing to do is to begin writing. Your journey has already begun. We strongly recommend using notebooks to keep track of what happens along the way. It may seem odd to suggest that what you write into your notebooks is data but it is.


If you have already commenced your journey and have not been using notebooks or logs or journals, we'd strongly urge you to be writing in something!

What you do next depends upon whether you are just setting out on your journey or you have been travelling for some time. It also depends upon your familiarity with using a Wiki.

The Beginnings menu has these components:

Menu item Detail
First thing to do this page
Next steps an overview of how to do a research degree in Education at Griffith University
This Wiki an account of the style, approach and broad logic of this set of Wiki pages
Thinking about research some notes about slightly different ways to think about doing research in Education
Finding a supervisor advice about identifying a supervisor for your research
Choosing a topic advice about deciding on a topic for your research
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