Doing The Interview

Only begin the interview when you are happy that the recording level is OK and that you have put your interviewee at ease. There is a lot to think about in doing an interview, if you prepare it well, it will be so much better.

It is important to keep control of the flow or direction the interview is taking. You have a limited amount of time (as does your interviewee) so any side tracking needs to be gently avoided, e.g. "that's really interesting but I'd like to return to the theme we have been discussing…. "
Keep a close eye on the time. If you promised your interviewee that you'd talk for 20 minutes or so then going for forty is bad manners and poor interviewing. It will also mean you'll have a lot more to transcribe. Give your interviewee cues of how the time is going, e.g. "only two or three more questions and we will be done.", "That's really useful. Just one more question to help clarify the point you just made…" etc.
Thank your interviewee when you are done. If they are interested you can provide them with a copy of the transcription you do. You won't be able to give them a copy of your assignment if it contains data from other interviews because you have not negotiated clearance with your other interviewees to do that.

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