Doing a research degree

Undertaking a research degree can be an exciting time but also a challenging time. There is a lot of new things to learn. Some of these are to do with doing the degree at Griffith. Every university has somewhat different ways it supports its research students so getting to know who to ask, who knows what about the administration side of things is important. Your supervisor is the first person to talk to about this and also the person who is responsible for coordinating the degree you are undertaking1.

There are two additional, broad categories of things to learn, get to know:

  • research skills and understandings
  • researchers, i.e. research staff and students in Education

In many respects you can think of these tasks as like doing an apprenticeship, a research apprenticeship. What makes this apprenticeship interesting at this point in human history is that the ongoing influence of all things digital continues apace. This makes for all kinds of shifts both in how to do some of the basic things like locating research papers to organising your work and analysing data sets. Bottom line is that no one knows it all but if you attend to your networking that will help keep you in more loops than you can manage by doing it alone.


This site has been designed to help you with these tasks. It is, like all such sites a work in progress and your contributions, no matter how big or small, will always be welcome.

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