Chris' notes: week 7

I have been slack (no pun) like some of the students in this course. Well in truth it is more that the vagaries of life get in the way of part-time study. People become unwell, things happen that can't be controlled but which seriously disrupt the space-time set aside for working on a course like this.

The most pleasing thing in a course like this is to watch people's understandings grow, develop and improve. I was struck be a recent post of Mark Johnson's in which he argues, among other things that the product of learning is the student's understanding and they get there via conversation. Sometimes the conversation is with people who don't speak back, i.e. papers and books. Sometimes an enterprising student will actually contact an author to clarify something. The Internet does work. Sometimes they will share ideas and tlak to one another. Wonderful! And sometimes they will talk to me. Always fun.

I was concerned about how the pitch would go but I should not have been if the first batch was anything to go by. They provided a useful, to me, insight into where their thinking had been, where it was now and where it was headed. I am quietly confident that this group will produce some decent work at the end, or hopefully earlier :).

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