7021EDN in 2019

Welcome to the Wiki which will be used to support your work in your independent research study in this Trimester.

These pages are part of a much larger site that was set up years ago to support students beginning to do research in education. The advice in the bulk of this Wiki is for people undertaking research work that lasts a good deal longer than 12 weeks so if you are browsing the site you need to keep that in mind. The site is intended to be a general resource for research students. The pages associated with this will have a 7021 tag on them and will be linked to this page. Some of the larger site may be of interest but the material associated with 7021 will be linked to here.

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There is a translate option above the tag cloud on the side menu (on the left) for those whose first language is not English. I'd like to know how useful that is. Google translate can be fairly clunky.

Independent research task

Planning a research paper

Systematic reviews A review of the literature is the most likely approach you will take for your research project.

Writing your systematic review paper

Secondary analysis

Open data sets

Collections of research publications

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Broader issues

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