Notes for your pitch

It will be the case that some of your colleagues will know something of what you have been working on but you need to assume that some won't so you have to pitch it as if you are talking to people who have no knowledge of what you are doing.

The obvious place to begin is the what. What are you working on? And, most importantly, the why, why is it important to you and why does it matter more broadly. Many of you have drawn on your professional or personal background to generate your project. There is always a good story there. Stories or narratives are powerful ways to communicate your ideas.

You research question, as it is at the moment is obviously necessary to communicate. It should flow from your account of the problem/issue you are interested in.

You may, if you have found them, indicate one or two pearls1 you have come across.

Finally you might include what you see as your target journal. If you don't have one as yet that's fine.

Remember you have three minutes and one slide. Judy has kindly prepared a sample for you from a project she is currently working on. Can you pop your slide into pdf format and upload to the Slack site in the week_7 channel.

Here is her sample slide:

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