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Welcome to this tiny piece of bit space that is for folk who are considering undertaking a research degree in Education at Griffith University1 as well as for those already working on a research degree. It may be helpful to other students doing research in Education. Folk external to Griffith are welcome to use these resources and edit/add to them. Any feedback or suggestions for the site also is greatly appreciated2.

It is a space for collaborators, one in which staff and students from Education@Griffith contribute to this site. There is a broad ethos that informs the way this site works that is well captured in the following quote3:

The most respected people at IDEO are part pack rat (because they have great private collections of stuff), part librarian (because they know who knows what), and part Good Samaritan (because they go out of their way to share what they know and to help others).

In other words, it is impossible to know it all, if ever that was possible4, so the way to survive is to know who knows, who can help and become a sharer and helper yourself: pack rat, librarian, Good Samaritan.

The site is a Wiki. A Wiki is simple a group of web pages that are easy to edit. There are lots of different kinds of Wiki software running on the Internet, this is one of them. It is called Wikidot.

Why this site and why call it a kitchen?

A kitchen, at least in the over-developed countries of the world is a place which can accommodate cooks with the simplest notions of what cooking is about, all the way through to the elite, the chefs who create marvellous dishes in their restaurants. So, this site is designed to support folk from the very early stages of thinking about a research degree, all the way through to those who are well into their degree.

The other metaphor we will use is to think about doing research as undertaking a journey. Yes, mixing metaphors is not a good thing to do but the two metaphors are useful for writing about doing research to explicate different aspects. We hope the two metaphors are productive for you. Perhaps they connote, as they did for a colleague looking at the site, the notion of the travelling chef!

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